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Kimberlie Budzik

2024 AdventureCORPS


Beginning on July 22, 2024, I am once again honored to participate in my 9th Badwater Ultramarathon!  I am 1 of 100 endurance athletes invited to participate in the prestigious “world’s toughest footrace” where temperatures will soar to over 120°F.  I will have 48 contiguous hours to complete 135 miles non-stop from the lowest point in North America – Badwater Basin, CA to the portal of the highest point in North America - Mt. Whitney.  It is quite a privilege for me to be the ONLY female in the State of Texas to compete and finish eight Badwater Ultramarathons since the event became an official, organized footrace in 1987!!  

 I am raising funds for this incredible organization because I want to make someone’s dream of swimming, playing basketball, running, hiking, or participating in sports at any level, come true. CAF’s mission is clear: give individuals with physical disabilities the support and opportunities they need to live an active lifestyle through physical fitness and competitive athletics.

Please help me celebrate my participation in Badwater by partnering with CAF and me by making a donation to Challenged Athletes Foundation so together we can raise $10,000 to help provide individuals with physical challenges with the necessary tools necessary to find success in sports, in life and to help make their dreams come true! 

Thank you!  Kim

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